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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 30, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> have a great monday. making news on this monday, august 30th. keeping an eye on earl. the season's second major hurricane set to move dangerously close to the u.s. and full schedule. the president face a number of issues on the first day back from vacation but he's already talk about his new plan to fix the economy. and winners' circle, more first-timers take home the gold. and good morning, everyone. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm michael marusarz sitting in for vinita nair. the height of hurricane season has arrived with a trio of storms in the atlantic. >> that triple threat includes dang yelle which is churning dangerous rip currents along the east coast and then there's earl which is growing in strength right now and could brush past the carolinas by midweek.
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emily schmidt has the latest. >> reporter: this may be the sound of the week. coursing along the water's edge as three separate weather systems threaten to impact the last days of summer. >> the waves knocked me down. once they knocked me down i was out. >> reporter: round one, hurricane dang yelle. this from the international space station that showed what was at one point a category 1 storm. dangerous rip currents hit along the east coast this weekend. >> if you're not an above-average swimmer, we're not recommending anyone past their news. >> reporter: from new jersey to florida, life guards rescued people. ocean city called all swims out. >> yeah, at a lot stronger than yesterday. >> reporter: three men ignored the rule. three were found. one was missing. now hurricane earl is picking up steam with winds blowing at least 100 miles per hour. there were hurricane watches for the u.s. virgin islands.
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earl could be headed towards the mid-atlantic. earl will continue to strengthen. it could become a major hurricane over the next couple of days. earl could approach the outer banks 6 north carolina as early as thursday night. earl should stay clear of the gulf coast region but a third storm is close behind. forecasters say this system could develop into fiona sometime today or tomorrow. emily schmidt, abc news. >> so it will be a week of waiting and watching to see how earl comes. and jeannette calle of >> good morning, rob and mike. the tropics very much active today. we do have danielle, that will increased wave activity along the u.s. eastern seaboard throughout the day today. but here's hurricane earl tracking to the west-northwest, it's major impacts will be on the northern end of the leeward island.
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wind gusts of 60 to 100 miles an hour. making its closer approach to the lower 48 as early as thursday night. rob, mike? >> and our sam champion also keeping an eye on earl. we'll have live updates coming up later on "good morning america." ?a?a?a?a?ag to the economy now. ?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?amay be the ?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?aportant issue ?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?ao take a back ?a?a?a?a?a?a?a next week. on thursday and wednesday, the president will be concentrating on mideast peace. he's hosting new talks between the leaders of israel and the palestinians. but when it comes to the economy, mr. obama says it's still growing but not as fast as it needs to. >> the whole host of measures that we could take, no single element of which is the magic bullet. but cumulatively could start continuing to build momentum for the recovery. >> and the president says that
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the economy can grow more through support from more investment, as well as working with more clean energy technology, maximizing the number of jobs that can be created through the infrastructure projects. and the president made those comments while in new orleans to mark the fifth anniversary of hurricane katrina. while mr. obama praised the recovery there, he did acknowledges that much more needs to be done. >> reporter: sunday night a celebration of the city's determination and resiliency. five years after hurricane katrina. earlier in the day, residents of new orleans' lower ninth ward, marched in remembrance of the disaster that wiped out their neighborhoods. >> it's been five years, slow, slow process. >> reporter: new orleans may be on the road to recovery but some residents feel left out. speaking at xavier university, president obama said he'll stand with new orleans, as work continues to make the city
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whole. >> i want to the come here and tell the people of this city directly, my administration is going to stand with you and fight alongside you until the job is done. >> reporter: the aftermath of katrina overwhelmed the federal government which struggled to find help. the corpses on the streets, evacuees on rooftops, enraged americans. five years later, much has been restored. the city is one of the fastest growing in the u.s. still, some want the rebuilding accelerated. >> i'm still not healed yet, though. definitely not. >> federal government didn't stay and do everything they could. the federal government didn't make it easy. they made it very, very difficult. >> reporter: president obama hopes a social investment in health care and education in new orleans can heal katrina's wounds. >> together, we are helping to make new orleans a place that stands for what we can do in america. not just for what we can't do. >> reporter: a project should be
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finished next summer so reinforce new orleans' levee system so something like katrina never happens again. >> and we have posted more about this anniversary on our website. you can also watch robbing roberts' special discussion about her hometown along the mississippi gulf coast. well, the fbi is looking into a fire at a mosque construction site in tennessee to determine if it should be a hate crime. the incident come as midthe controversy over building that new muslim facilities just blocks from new york's ground zero. it's one month now since the devastating floods first hit pakistan. well, that country urgently needs more international aid to combat instability and extremism, that's according to senator john kerry. the democrat is sponsoring a bill to send billions to pakistan. the u.s. is the single largest donor to the federal relief
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effort there, contributing more than $200 million. now for this morning's weather. large hail, gusty winds and isolated tornados in the dakotas, nebraska and minnesota. heavy rain along the gulf coast. scattered showers along arkansas, tennessee and missouri. spotty, light rain in the northwest and northern rockies. >> just 66 in seattle. 68 in boise. and 62 in billings. mostly upper 80s and 90s across the midwest, great lakes and northeast. atlanta climbing to 85. new orleans, 90. and dallas, 97. and when we come back this morning, new programs to stabilize the housing market. and faceded with more months underground there is new video of those trapped miners this morning, showing us life 2,000 feet beneath the surface. and a night for hollywood. a big night for "madmen" and "modern family." we'll be right back.
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because it's not just your allergies, asian markets are rising this morning after japan's central bank took some steps to this morning after japan's central bank took some steps to bolster its shaky recovery. this comes after the federal reserve promised on friday that it will take action if the u.s. company gets any weaker. tok crow's nikkei average jumped 1.8% today. and hong kong's hang seng is higher. markets are closed in england for a holiday. and on wall street, the dow fell 63 points last week, meanwhile, the nasdaq fell 26 points. and it will be a busy week
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on wall street. a number of key economic reports could give investors a better sense of whether the economy might actually slip back into a recession. we'll get the latest on personal income and factory output. but the big number comes friday with the monthly jobs report. the white house is working on new programs to help refined housing market. the obama's administration's top housing official says it will soon roll out a program that will help homeowners. it's also launching an emergency program to help unemployed keep their homes. and americans are taking tighter control of their debt. late payments on auto loans fell last quarter, nearing the recent late payments on auto loans fell last quarter, nearing the recent declines in late credit card and mortgage payments. it was a photo finish at the box office over the weekend. "the last exorcism" appears to edged out "undertaker's." the expendables slipped to
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the bahamas and cape hatteras before passing east of the cape cod by the end of the week. >> busy storm season. now for a look at your morning road conditions. flooding on i-10 from new orleans to tallahassee. wet on i-40 from memphis to little rock. flooding on i-90 and 94 in the dakotas and minnesota. slick highways from boise and seattle. west from new mexico and colorado. >> if you're flying today, expect airport delays in seattle, new orleans and miami. and other news now, autopsy is expected today on the body of a teenaged motorcyclist killed at the indianapolis speedway. the 13-year-old was run over by another motorcycle. the accident is sparking debate about now young is too young for the sport. stewart aiken speaks for the racers.
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>> these people have proven time and time again, their skills have proven that their more than ready for a track like this. absolutely. >> it was the first death at that track since an indycar driver was killed during a test run back in 2003. we have new video of those 33 miners awaiting rescue in capitol hilly. the men seem to be mostly in good spiriteds. they say things have improved since beginning to receive water and food from the surface. some of the men do appear emotional when they address their families and friends. the men will have to help move thousands of tons of rock that's expected to fall in the mining as the rescue tunnel is drilled from above. well, this hasn't happened in more than 400 years, the mound sinabung volcano in indonesia is now erupting. some airports have been diverted because of poor visibility.
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and in medical news this morning, the number of trips to the emergency room by child athletes for concussions have skyrocketed. a new study found that e.r. visits from 14 to 19-year-olds more than tripled from 1997 to 2007. the any figure suggests that the intensity of youth sports may have increased, along with an awareness of head injuries. researchers say many parents, coaches and players still don't understand just how serious concussions can be. they warn it can lead to long-term problems if not properly treated. tennis' last major tournament of the year continues today. serena williams is among the notable absentees in new york as it gets going. for other sports here adnan virk. . >> morning, one game in nfl action on sunday. that featuring big ben roethlisberger and the steelers traching on the denver broncos. first quarter no score. lend daily white running up the
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middle. he is stuffed. after the play. a loose helmet. james farrior, if you prick us do we not bleed? he left the game. steelers' ball. roethlisberger hits mike wallace down the seam. and facing the broncos' territory, roethlisberger was 67 yards. second quarter, dennis dixon. pass to emanuel sanders. picked often by andre goodwin. returns it all the way. 73 yards for the touchdown. dixon had two pick nsz this one. fourth quarter, tim tebow in at quarterback. to eric decker for the touchdown. broncos win. matt diaz and the braves facing the marlins. pinch-hitting out to nunez,
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uncle leo, hello! diaz with a two-ru hftwo-run ho. bryan mccann. a shot. hang on a second. let's review the call. another look concludes that the ball is a home run. mccann's eighth. first walk-off in career. that does it for the sports update. back to you in new york. well, it was a big night for the famous faces of the small screen. all eyes were on "mat men" at the emmys. >> it was a lot of fun. the emmys. >> it was a lot of fun. the newcomers were the scene stealers as fox's "glee" -- >> and the emmy goes to "modern family." >> reporter: abc's series about an extended and very modern family won the emmy award for the best comedy award for the first year out. "mat men" won its third best
4:50 am
drama series in a row. zraum ma series set in the 1960s advertising also earned an emmy for writing. "the pacific" was victorious in wing the most miniseries. tom hanks served as executive producer. in the lead actor category, brian crampton earned his third emmy. >> i feel gluttonous. and it's more than i can take in. it really is. >> reporter: edie falco has won before in the dramatic category for the "sopranos." but she was as shocked as yin to win an emmy for the comedy nurse jackie. >> the women i was up against are hysterically funny completians. i'm shocked. i'm not playing coy here. i really am doubumbfounded by t
4:51 am
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didn't know i had it in me. and now a look ahead to the stories we'll be watching this monday. dangerous rein tides along the east coast are being kicked up by hurricane danielle. forecasters are also watching hurricane earl and yet another system which could likely be tropical storm fiona. president obama gets back to work at the white house today after a vacation. mr. obama meets with economic advisers this afternoon. then he's going to put the final touches about a speech he'll deliver about iraq tomorrow night. roger clemens has an arraign and about charges that he lied to congress. he's expected to plead not guilty. and we just got word overnight from the farmers overnight from the farmers almanac, this coming winter will be kindler and gentler. almanac, this coming winter will
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and finally from us this morning, miracle on the tracks. a quick-thinking new york subway driver brings his train to a screeching halt, averting what coul
4:58 am
three men accused of murdering a former city councilman already two years ago finally go to trial in the city this morning. >> back to school. everybody's getting ready to start the school year. >> and the emmy awards were handed out last night. a lot of baltimore folks were nominated and we're going to tell you who won. that's always fun. good morning, maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> we're so happy you're back. >> first day of school. i'm all dressed. >> we missed you very much. >> feels like i've been gone for three years. >> trust me. it feels like that when you're not here. >> meteorologist justin berk filling us in on the weather. >> good morning. we've been reminded how often you've been gone. it kind of felt like three years. good morning. we've got a lot of stuff going on in the weather department. another heat wave building here and we've already cracked that 50-day mark of 90-degree temperatures so we go above
4:59 am
that. we head tore record territory this week with more 90s and a hurricane earl. danielle was bad enough and far enough. earl makes a closer threat to the east coast this week and more rip currents probably for ocean city. first off, we hit 91 yesterday. it was 90 in york. 88 in easton and 84 in ocean city. strong rip currents and winds off the water to keep them a little cool. this morning they are 71. we're 67. and there's a little bit of added moisture in the air and because of the cooler temperatures there's patchy fog but a lot of us in the 60s. we'll go for 91 by lunchtime which is on the threshold for a lot of schools to head back for how much they can really handle especially those without air conditioning. it will be a hot day with our 2-degree guaranteed high of 96 degrees. we will talk more about that and more about hurricane earl in a bit but right now fresh back from hazy, hot and hip hop, it's kim brown. >> thank you.


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